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Allie Ochs
"Are You
Fit To Love"
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Availability: Allie is a professional speaker and is available for interviews nationwide by arrangement and via telephone or satellite. She is also available as a last-minute guest.
Allie Ochs
Are You Fit To Love?

Allie is a relationship expert, coach, speaker and author of 'Are You Fit To Love?' Allie has been through the "school of hard knocks" personally and then vicariously as a coach for the largest relationship agency in the world. This background followed by studies in psychology and sociology and 5 years of relationship research afford Allie a refreshing mix of savvy and empathy. Her vision definitely has the potential to transform every relationship.

Allie was one of the signing authors at the American Book Expo 2004 in Chicago. Her book has received the Honorable Mention at the 2004 USA Best Book Awards and an excellent review from Midwest Book Review.

Allie's Accomplishments:

Business management and marketing diplomas from the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Germany)
Business and management diplomas from Fanshaw College and the Business Development Bank in Canada
She is a former owner of professional singles over 30 (local chapter)
Best employee of the year for Together, SW Ontario
She was a pioneer in the Emu breeding business - the need mating advice, too
Provisional member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers in Hamilton

Credentials: Allie is a relationship/dating expert for singles online and e-dating experts. Allie has been published in: Single Again Magazine, Independent News Media Center, Disinformation, UK Activist, various Military Publications, Woman This Month, Enotalone, Kelowna Capital News, Calgary Herald, OfSpirit Magazine, Mahoning Valley Woman Magazine, Boomercafe, Alumbo, Women's Netnews, Meetingland, Holistic Junction, Total Woman, Our Word, Senior's Digest, Your Self Magazine, Women Central, Philadelphia Daily News, Spiritual Soul and The St. Catharines Standard, and has appeared on several TV and Radio shows
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