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Amy Sellers
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My Name Is Amy Sellers

And This Is My Story

My life's mission is to make every parent of young children (or grandparent, or friend of young children) aware of early signs of AUTISM.

My mother always used to tell me that life begins at 40. I never believed that until last year, when at the age of 40, my life took a complete 180 degree turn. That is when I found the strength and creativity to make sweet lemonade out of a giant lemon.

When my second child, Andrew, was an infant I often wondered why he would never look at me with a loving stare (the same way that my first son did when he was a baby). I would wonder what I was doing wrong to make my child not love me. When Andrew was two I wondered why he did not cry when he was swarmed and bitten by over two hundred fire ants.

Andrew was three when I asked our pediatrician why he could recite over twenty Dr. Seuss books (verbatim) but he could not understand me when I asked him a simple question, such as, "Andrew…would you like some milk?" He would simply start spinning in circles and repeat the question back, "Andrew, would you like some milk?"

Our pediatrician just said that he had unusual behaviors that he would likely outgrow. When I told her that a local schoolteacher had suggested that we get him tested for early development signs, she did not agree. She said that it would be cruel to label him as "Less then Perfect"; a label that would follow him for life.

My son was diagnosed with Autism at age four. I found out that he did not look at me in my eyes because he could not.

Children with Autism are often overwhelmed by sights and sounds. With so many stimulating sights in his

environment, his eyes were not able to filter outunnecessary images. When children are very severe, often times they cannot see objects when it is raining. They, instead, see every single rain drop. They cannot see beyond the rain.

I also found out that many children with autism are either hyper or hypo sensitive with touch, sight and sound. This is why Andrew did not cry when bitten by over 200 painful fire ants – he could not feel the pain.

Experts told me that early diagnosis is the key to success for autistic children. Those that get early intervention (before critical brain development) can receive therapy that can make a profound improvement in the child’s development.

For my entire life I have been an artist. I had been hibernating in the house and painting pictures for years. I sold lots of my work through the internet, but my most prized paintings were the ones that I did of my family.

When Andrew turned 7 he had completely run out of reading material. He had all of the rhyming books that I could find memorized. So one day I thought to myself, “Hey, I can rhyme…. I’ll write a book for Drew, myself”. Illustrating the books was fun as well.

When I completed the book I shared it with my sons. They all loved it. My oldest son, however, had other ideas for the book. He is a salesman just like his daddy! He said, “Hey Mom, maybe we could get the book published! Then, we can get lots of money, live in a big mansion and wear lots of fancy clothes”. I thought – that’s brilliant! But instead spending that money on frivolous things, let’s use it for something we want more. Let’s collect all the money and give it to the scientists who are trying to find a cure for autism. We can also use it to help other children and families affected by Autism.

A friend of mine saw the book and thought that my cause was a worthy one. She convinced me to fly to California with her to a book seminar. On the final day of the seminar we were invited to walk on stage, one by one, and share our ideas with the audience. Our idea was suppose to start with, “On Monday morning I will…” I stood on stage in front of six hundred people and exclaimed, “On Monday morning I will start a new charity called, “The Out of the Rain Society” funding autism research and assisting children and families affected by autism. I’d like for all of you to find the website that I will begin to create on Monday and buy my books and other products. Together, we can help thousand of children with autism.

When I completed my mini speech and started to head off stage, every person in the entire audience rose to their feet in applause. Several people were handing me their business cards and others were screaming to get my attention. It was at that moment that I new what my life’s mission was meant to be.

Since the day I started the foundation has grown with leaps and bounds. Much more qualified people than I are running the foundation. I am continuing to illustrate children’s books and donate all of the profits from the book sales to the foundation. I also speak to as many people as are will listen to continue to build my cause.

A week before our last charity dinner I had the urge to write down my thoughts in thanks to so many people that have joined our cause. When I began to write I truly believe that a higher power was speaking through me. The poem took less than twenty minutes to write and there was no second draft. I’d like to share this poem with you now.

"Hurray for Rhyme
It’s Story Time"
Written & Illustrated By Amy Sellers
"Harry Spotter
The Incontinent Puppy"
Written by Paige Hanson with Jon Hanson
Illustrated By Amy Sellers
"Boomer The Bengal Cat"
Written by Karen Pitchford with Jon Hanson
Illustrated By Amy Sellers
"Believe and Dream
Find Their Way Home"
Written by Susie Gallucci
Illustrated By Amy Sellers
“Angels In My Path”
The day my child was labeled less
My tears were hid by rain
This less then perfect child, they said
Could comprehend no pain

He’d see reflections in each drop
So many blinded sight
He could not see beyond the rain
Til angels shed their light

The day I vowed to shard the gift
That God bestowed in me
Angels walked along my path
So children blind could see

My Angels hid their faces
In the eyes of friends I love
And others sat beside me
Strangers sent by God above

The greatest angel who was sent
To make my life worth while
Was hiding in the little face
Of my less then perfect child

He taught my soul to stop and grasp
What life is truly for
A journey faced with lessons learned
And dreams we should explore

Together God has placed us all
To make those dreams come true
Power comes in joining hears
That are bound to follow through

I look out now at Angels sent
Your gifts are touching lives
I thank you now for helping my child

And all the other children

With the less then perfect eyes.


"Dream I Can"
Written by Susie Gallucci
Illustrated By Amy Sellers
Amy Sellers
"Believe I Can"
Written by Susie Gallucci
Illustrated By Amy Sellers
Amy Sellers
Story by John Paul Pigeon
Amy Sellers
Illustrated By Amy Sellers
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