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August Bullock
The Secret Sales Pitch
An Overview of
Subliminal Advertising
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How Advertisers Manipulate You with Secret Subliminal Messages
Although advertisers deny it, lawyer August Bullock reveals the secret, subliminal messages that are hidden in advertisements, movies and even pop music. For a fascinating look at what our unconscious knows but won’t tell us interview Bullock and learn the sneaky ways we are being manipulated.

Author of THE SECRET SALES PITCH: An Overview of Subliminal Advertising, Bullock will explain:

• How a massive, secret experiment has exposed us to millions of subliminal messages designed to make us anxious, insecure and materialistic;

• Shocking examples of subliminal advertising your audience will identify with;

• Why horrifying images are often hidden in liquor ads and pictures of women in advertisements often contain subliminal phalluses;

• Why subliminals are not, cannot and should not be made illegal.

“Bullock’s show is startling. The overall impact is convincing.” Steve Hart, Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Sample Questions:

Is subliminal advertising effective?
How does it work?
Why should people be concerned about it?
What are some of your favorite examples?

Credentials: August Bullock is an attorney and former law professor who has been involved in the subliminal controversy since the late 1970s. He is an experienced professional speaker who has appeared on many radio and television shows. He has addressed many universities and often teaches seminars to the advertising community explaining how to use subliminal techniques. He is also the creator of Subliminal Sex T-shirts™ a popular Christmas gift once sold in Macys’ Department Stores.
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