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Dean Tong
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Forensic Trial Consultant, Dean Tong

Dean Tong is a noted author and forensic legal consultant on divorce, child custody and abuse issues. Tong found himself falsely accused of sexually abusing his preschool-age daughter during a contentious divorce 20 years ago. After contesting the charges, he was arrested on a capital felony charge and jailed. He was barred from seeing his children for 14 months pending trial. The charges were later dismissed by the State of Florida. Tong has written three books. His most recent is still very popular with parents and attorneys, titled, Elusive Innocence: Survival Guide for the Falsely Accused.

Tong has consulted with national and regional media on such high profile cases as Michael Jackson, Jon Benet Ramsey, Elian Gonzalez and Woody Allen. He also consulted on the high profile Bridget Marks custody case in New York last year.

Dean is a seasoned media pro - with over 2,000 radio and TV interviews to his credit. He has appeared on a variety of national TV shows, most notability: including Dr. Phil, A Current Affair, Fox News Channel and Court TV.

Credentials: Tong holds a Master of Science degree in child forensic studies from the Universities of Portsmouth/Leeds in the United Kingdom (2006) and a bachelor of science in biology/pre-medicine from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts (1979). And he's been retained to consult on contentious child custody/abuse court cases by parents and attorneys in cases from 45 states and Canada.
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