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Dr. Harold Katz
Bad Breath
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Dr. Harold Katz, founder of The California Breath Clinics, is the recognized expert in the fields of bad breath, sour/bitter taste and dry mouth.
Dr. Katz is a 1975 graduate of the UCLA School of Dentistry and holder of a separate degree in Bacteriology, also from UCLA (1971). After establishing a private dental practice in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Katz began his own research into the Truth About Bad Breath in 1994, after he was unable to help his own 13 year old daughter with her breath problem. Highly advertised commercial mouthwashes were making her breath more offensive, and despite immaculate oral hygiene (brushing 5-6 times daily with the most popular toothpastes & flossing several times a day), the problem persisted. His background in Bacteriology assisted him in realizing that Bad Breath is caused by a group of Anaerobic Sulfur-Producing Bacteria which breed WITHIN the tongue's surface and throat. Under certain conditions, these bacteria initiate the production of the Volatile Sulfur Compounds found in Bad Breath and Taste Disorders. Bad Breath DOES NOT come from the digestive system, as some highly advertised products falsely claim.

Armed with this knowledge, in late 1994 Dr. Katz began to experiment with various compounds that would attack the Anaerobic Sulfur-Producing Bacteria within the mouth. The resulting products - refined over and over throughout the past 7 years - are nothing short from astonishing. Clinical tests of Dr. Katzs' patients have repeatedly resulted in a complete elimination of over 98% of the VSC's within the mouthes of his patients.

Since 1994, no one has helped more people fight Bad Breath than Dr. Katz -- nearly 22,000 have been successfully treated through his California Breath Clinics in the US and internationally, and over 100,000 people in 57 different countries worldwide have used his TheraBreath System formulas to eliminate Halitosis and regain their lost confidence.

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