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"The Cult Next Door"
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Elizabeth Burchard & Judith Carlone

During Thanksgiving vacation of her freshman year at Swarthmore College (1977), Elizabeth, at her mother's insistence, attended a "stress-reduction" session with a biofeedback technician on staff at a Manhattan psychologist's office. During that first visit, this man filled her ears with prophetic visions of a glorious future--the inheritance of those fortunate few who might choose to accompany him. His confidence and charisma entranced her, and she soon recruited two of her college roommates.

When the psychologist fired his assistant two years later, Elizabeth and her mother followed. Over the next decade, this man, a malevolent genius and master of manipulating metaphysical concepts to benefit a self-serving agenda, organized a small, dedicated band of followers. "The Group" evolved into an incestuous family--a cult. Their brainwashed minds became fused with a distinctive, New Age doctrine. A coterie of spiritual "Navy Seals", they scrambled in terror, training to survive the inevitable cataclysm--one man's divine vision of Armageddon.

Subsequent to a momentous event in August 1994, with the guru as high priest, "The Black Dog Religion" was born. Elizabeth sank into a pit of despair, darker than she ever could have imagined was possible.

From the adolescent gullibility which seduced her astray, to the enlightenment which led her to freedom, you will travel an incredible journey. For anyone who has ever been trapped by a person who would not let them go, within this book lies a message of hope.

Elizabeth R. Burchard was born in Manhattan in 1959. In 1982, she earned a BA in biochemistry from Swarthmore College. A former high school chemistry teacher, (The Fieldston School, Bronx, N.Y.) Elizabeth has owned and operated Expressions Photography Studio, in Closter, New Jersey, since 1988. A portrait artist, she specializes in soulful black and white images of children. In addition, Elizabeth has conceptualized and developed

"Exambusters," a series of study aids (in printed flash card and CD software form) for high school and college test preparation. Previously distributed by Cliffs Notes, over 60 titles are currently marketed through the publishing company, Ace Academics, Inc., to bookstores and schools. Visit for more information. Since 2000, Elizabeth and Judith have lectured about the dangers of cult involvement. Their audiences have included social workers, PTA members, and university students. Elizabeth also attends a local monthly support group for ex-cult members.

Judith L. Carlone, born in 1952, was raised in an Italian community in Hoboken, New Jersey. After graduating from high school, she devoted herself to the entertainment business as a lead singer and songwriter. She is currently a licensed realtor and insurance agent. Judy makes her home with her husband of thirty-three years, Michael, her three cats: Boo-Bo, Rayme, Julie, and a little rat terrier dog named Alfie.

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