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Elizabeth Bond
Maitreya Publishing
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Joe Ullrich
Availability: Elizabeth is available for interviews in New York City, or nationwide by arrangement and via telephone or satellite.
Credentials: Elizabeth is a model and professional spokesperson. She currently works for Maitreya Publishing Foundation.
A Hurricane Katrina Survivor’s Story
Life in New Orleans was bliss for Elizabeth – close friends and a blossoming career in publishing. That is until she woke up one morning with a very bad feeling. Elizabeth sensed something life-threatening was about to happen, a catastrophic natural disaster. The sensation was so convincing Elizabeth warned her friends, who quickly discounted her vision as paranoia.

Elizabeth’s premonition persisted, becoming so strong she fled New Orleans – leaving behind many of her personal belongings including her car. In a matter of weeks Katrina struck, devastating the homes and lives of the friends Elizabeth warned before she left. Had she not fled, Elizabeth questions whether she’d be here today to tell her story.

Oddly, this is not the first time Elizabeth’s vision has come to fruition. In-fact most of her premonitions materialize. Elizabeth doesn’t claim to be a clairvoyant or a seer. To the contrary, she views herself to be just like anyone else. Elizabeth does however profess to communicate at a higher level than most.

It is a skill she learned and continues to develop through her close friendship with author Parvathy. In her new book Luminous Journey, Luminous Way, Parvathy provides readers with a step-by-step, self-help- creative guide with practical, spiritual applications of God's instructions for every day.

Under Parvathy’s consultation Elizabeth learned to block out the stress and chaos surrounding us to achieve true piece of mind. And with the power of inner piece, Elizabeth’s senses became heighten and enhanced her ability to communicate with the Higher Power. Parvathy’s direction have had a positive change on Elizabeth’s views of the world and interactions with the people in it.

Elizabeth strongly believes that the lessons learned helped her hear the evacuation notice sent by the Higher Power, thus saving her life from the deadly grasp of Hurricane Katrina.

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