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Availability: Laura Corn is a media pro who has entertained audiences on over 2000 radio shows and many National TV shows. She is available for interviews nationwide by arrangement via telephone or satellite.Laura may also available as a last-minute guest - please call.
What they're Saying About Laura!
"No one knows more about seduction than Laura Corn."
- Barbara Walters
The View

"She's so good on the air that people call for weeks after she's left the building."

- Ryan Seacreast
KISS FM, Los Angeles
"You can't miss with Laura Corn. She knows how to tease the listeners in and out of breaks and she works the callers with an expertise that isn't seen too often in guests."
- Kidd Kraddick in the Morning
Author And Expert - Laura Corn

No matter how you add up the numbers, the answer is clear: Laura Corn is America’s Number One expert on the art of seduction. Even the Playboy Advisor™ turns to Laura Corn for bedroom advice!

So What’s The Secret To Her Success?

Part of it is the unique format of her books. You don’t just read them, you do them. Lots of books leave you with good advice and good intentions, but Laura’s books require you to take action and make a commitment — that is, both you and your mate actually rip your instructions out of the book, right in front of each other. After that, there’s no turning back! Suddenly you’re one of the four million Laura Corn fans who know they’re about to get a night — a whole day — even an entire weekend of romance and great sex. If boredom is the number one killer of passion... Laura’s famous "Secret Sealed Seductions" are the cure.

Another reason for Laura’s success is Laura herself. She’s charming and funny, with an infectious laugh and a gift for putting people at ease, even when discussing the most sexually charged issues. Her straight style and no-nonsense answers have made her a very popular guest on talk shows, with appearances on over 2,000 radio programs, and dozens of television shows like Politically Incorrect, The O’Reilly Factor, and Extra. "No one," said Barbara Walters, "knows more about seduction than Laura Corn."

But if there’s one quality that turned her from a struggling author into a publishing phenomenon, it’s her ability to connect to people one-on-one. Before writing a single word of her first book, she conducted in-depth interviews with more than 5,000 men and women. Those intimate conversations revealed startling truths about the modern state of romance, and gave Laura the insights that would first improve her own love life... and then allow her to create the books that would help so many others.

Even now, Laura can’t resist the chance to chat with her fans. She has been known to spend hours at her book-signing events, sharing wisdom, advice, and laughter with her readers. In turn, some of their own romantic adventures have made it into Laura’s books, and most recently inspired her to develop The Great American Sex Diet, available here.

LAURA CORN lives in Santa Monica, California, where she is the President and owner of Park Avenue Publishing. She shares her home with one very lucky man, who gets to test all the Secret Sealed Seductions before they are published, and one very lucky dog, who can usually be found curled up at Laura’s feet while she writes.

Laura Corn's Bestselling Books:

101 Nights of Grrreat Sex
52 Invitations to Grrreat Sex: It All Begins With A Lick
The Great American Sex Diet
101 Grreat Quickies
101 Nights of Grrreat Romance
Dress Up for Down There Collection

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