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"Luminous Journey
Luminous Way"
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Parvathy was raised in a communist-atheist environment in Croatia (former Yugoslavia). By all outward appearances she is just a normal thirty-something – married and mother of one – living in a middle class European neighborhood. In-fact, what most find extraordinary about Parvathy is what you don’t see.

She has a gift that was given to her just after her eighteenth birthday. Parvathy met her now husband, a true spiritual teacher. Through his tutelage, Parvathy learned to open her mind and heart. With her new found openness, an unsuspecting Parvathy received a message from an out of the ordinary source…The Creator.

Surprised, yet excited, Parvathy continued to communicate with God and eventually began recording His message to us. Her first book (third edition retitled 'Luminous World'): ‘Heavenly Father Speaks’ was written in exactly seven days and seven nights – as was her second: ‘Luminous Journey, Luminous Way.’ Parvathy makes no claim to being an author, but rather a recorder of The Heavenly Father’s word, as spoken to her.

Parvathy also believes that her gift is not unique to only her. “We can all communicate with Him every day,” says Parvathy. “A dialog with The Heavenly Father is possible for everybody. Therefore, each one of us has the gift inside. If we regain consciousness of His gifts, we must appreciate and nurture them.”

Regardless of one’s religious beliefs or to what God one prays, Parvathy has a positive message that all can embrace. She believes and professes that we can all change our thoughts and improve our behavior. With these small changes we’ll be able to communicate much more effectively with each other, become more cognizant of our surroundings and improve our lives to their absolute fullest!

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