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Dr. Sabrina Freeman
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Autism Wars"
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Your Health Insurance Could Be Useless...
When You and Your Family Need It Most!
Did you know:

• Greedy insurance companies want to deny coverage on many medical treatments you, or your child, might need?

• A cache of powerful academics called “health research technologists” are generating biased, bogus reports about many drugs and medical programs?

• Scores of promising treatments are prematurely called “experimental” or “not proven” — and thus unavailable to the public? Such delays are costing countless lives.

• Your own health insurance company is probably making sure your family won’t be covered for life-saving treatments that can halt cancer, heart disease, autism, AIDS, and many other conditions?

• The government condones and even encourages these practices?

Interview Sabrina Freeman, Ph.D., about this health betrayal that ultimately affects everyone in North America. By blowing the whistle, this expert will help patients nationwide be aware and prepared. Ask her to discuss the controversy surrounding: The Department of Health, which pays scientists to skew reports and put you in jeopardy; details on the upcoming Supreme Court case that’s sure to have far-reaching effects on health research; and what she learned from her personal involvement with autism (her 16-year-old daughter is diagnosed with this condition).

Credentials: Sabrina Freeman, Ph.D., a sociologist and the author of the popular book Teach Me Language, has been interviewed on dozens of shows and by publications throughout North America. Her latest book, exposing the fraud committed by researchers on behalf of the government, is SCIENCE FOR SALE IN THE AUTISM WARS.
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