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Dr. Gary Goldman

Gary S. Goldman holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Pacific Western University in Los Angeles and graduated with honors in 1977 from California State University, Fullerton (CSUF) with a double major: B.S. Engineering (Electronic emphasis) and B.S. Computer Science. He was elected member of the Phi-Kappa-Phi honor society and in 1976 received the Outstanding University Engineering Student Award, presented by the Orange County Engineering Education Council (OCEC). At graduation he received a special Merit Award in recognition of scholarly commitment and outstanding Academic Achievement in Computer Science, presented by CSUF.

Gary S. Goldman also received a special Merit Award in recognition of an attitude of enthusiasm and for outstanding service to the Division of Engineering at CSUF presented by Dr. Eugene Hunt, Chairman. At CSUF, Goldman was employed as a computer consultant assisting faculty/staff and students with computer applications. He later served as a part-time assistant professor for the Engineering and Quantitative Methods departments instructing both graduate and undergraduate courses in statistics, programming, digital simulation, and digital logic design and switching theory.

In 1980, as vice-president of Systems Development of Cascade Graphics Development, he developed the first microcomputer-based computer-aided drafting (CAD) system (prior to the well known AutoCad product). Dr. Gilbert McCann, then professor emeritus of CalTech, served on the board of directors of this company. Goldman engaged in computer consulting tours to South Africa, Germany, Holland, England and Canada.

Goldman holds a U.S. patent (#4223255, granted September, 1980) for a micro-programmed, high-efficiency motor-in-a-wheel called “Power Wheel,” for use in electric vehicular applications. This invention was featured on the front cover of the Fall, 1980 issue of Popular Science and Mechanics.

He co-developed the Goldman/Blake remediation program

for children with specific visual process deficits used in a pilot study at the Hope-Haven Hospital in Florida. He served on a development team that produced the first Interactive Graphics Terminal, IGT-100, at CalComp (California Computer Products, Anaheim, CA) writing software and systems level routines that permitted the editing of drawings prior to their being electronically plotted. He has served as a computer consultant responsible for the automation of a wide variety of businesses, improved production, and conversion of data bases.

He has authored and presented numerous manuscripts contributing to engineering and computer science disciplines and enjoys writing heuristic programs (developing algorithms based on ones knowledge and intuition concerning a problem). Dr. Goldman served for 8 years, from 1995 until his resignation in 2002, as Research Analyst for the Varicella Active Surveillance Project in Antelope Valley in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

His educational background, quantitative and intuitive skills, and creative experiences in many state-of-the-art endeavors made him uniquely qualified to discern trends that likely would have gone unnoticed by traditionally trained epidemiologists.

Dr. Gary S. Goldman serves as Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas: The Journal of Medical Truth and his biography is included in Marquis 21st Century Edition of Who’s Who in Science and Engineering 2005-2006, 8th Edition, December 2004.


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